A Brave Dog Sacrifices His Life To Protect A Baby Who Is Trapped In A Fire

A devoted dog’s devotion is seldom put to the test outside of the everyday company they provide to those who love them. However, the recent bravery of one brave dog demonstrates that their devotion goes far deeper.

He gave his life to save a small child who meant more to him than anything else in the world.

It all started when a fire broke out at Erika Poremski’s Baltimore, Maryland, house, which she lived with her 8-month-old daughter Viviana and their dog, Polo, earlier this week.

Erika had just walked out to her car when the fire started. She immediately dashed back inside to save Vivian, who was trapped on the second level by the fast-moving flames.

Poremski, who was burned in the process, said WBAL, “I just heard her wailing and I couldn’t get to her.” “I tried my hardest, as did everyone else in the area. They slammed the doors shut and slammed the windows shut. I couldn’t do it (get her out). Nobody could do it.”

Thankfully, the confined infant had a protection in the form of Polo.

The Baltimore City Fire Department was among the first to arrive, and when they learned about Vivian, they raced in to save her. They discovered her, damaged but alive, at that point.

Polo walked alongside her. With his own body, he had lay on top of her to shelter her from the flames.

Poremski told the television station, “She just received burns on her side as a result of it.” “He stayed in the bedroom with her the entire time and wouldn’t even come downstairs to leave.”

Polo, however, could not be saved in the end. Vivian’s life was saved because to his unwavering dedication to her safety.

He died a hero, joining the ranks of other pets who have saved people’s lives.

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