Dual screen mobile phone: Microsoft brings Surface Duo to Europe

Exotic mobile phone, which is supposed to compete with foldable mobile phones, will soon also be offered in some European countries.

While smartphone makers like Samsung, Motorola or Huawei rely on foldable screens, Microsoft took another approach with the Surface Duo. The folding device has 2 separate screens that are interconnected. The mobile phone was first launched in the fall of 2019 and has been on sale in the US since September 2020. It is now coming to Europe as well.

As Microsoft announced on Thursday, the Surface Duo will be sold in several European countries from February 18, including the UK, France and Germany.

The exotic smartphone is available in two versions: with 128 GB of storage space for 1,549 euros and with 256 GB of storage space for 1,649 euros, Telegrafi reports.

Both AMOLED screens each have a 5.6 inch diagonal with a resolution of 1350 x 1800 pixels. When opened, it has a total diagonal of 8.1 inches. Inside, the high quality 2019 model of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is used. The main memory is 6 GB.

The main camera is also a selfie camera and has a maximum resolution of 11 megapixels. A fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication is located on the edge of the screen.

The battery has a capacity of 3577mAh. The cell phone weighs 250 grams and, according to Microsoft, is less than 1 centimeter thick when folded. The mobile phone is not capable of 5G, dual SIM is only possible in combination with eSIM.

The phone comes with Android 10, the Android 11 update is widely planned for the summer. Applications can be displayed on both screens or displayed only on one screen each. Some applications are also specifically designed for use on 2 screens.

It is now debatable whether the Surface Duo will continue to be a better seller. As of mid-2020, it was criticized that the Snapdragon 855 is no longer up to date.

In Europe, it is very likely that sales will not succeed as a result of the price.

This is more expensive compared to foldable cell phones: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 comparable closer to a foldable screen, new chip and larger battery and is available from some retailers for just under 1,400 euro.

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